Information about Islamic Counselling services in the UK


Islamic Counselling Services


Across the UK there are a number of Islamic counselling and related services training programmes and related services that we know of. We have collected together limited details on the services known to us including alternative Islamic counselling training provision here for ease of access. (This is a list of known services and is not an endorsement of any particular service). 

If your situation is urgent, please contact local emergency services, your G.P., or The Samaritans. The services below are not able to offer 24 hour service. 

The Muslims Women and Families Helpline        

A National Service

The Helpline was possibly the first Islamic counselling service in the UK, providing a telephone based advice and counselling service. The helpline offers a limited hours advice support and counselling service for the UK from its London base. The Helpline has trained volunteers in Islamic counselling to a level where therapeutic help can be provided.

Helpline number 0208 908 6715


The Arabic Counselling Service

Parkside CAMHS West London

Developed as a response to the large Arabic and Muslim Communities in the North Kensington area the service is offered as a family orientated service to local Arab and Muslim communities and operates as part of CAMHS. The service is a multi disciplinary children and adolescent mental health team working at tiers 2 and 3 offered ostensibly to 'Arabic' communities by virtue of culture, language, or religion. The service is managed by a full time Islamic counsellor.

Address: 63-65 Lancaster Road

London W11 1QG

Telephone: 020 8383 6123


Sabnum Dharamsi Stephen Maynard & Associates

Abdullah Maynard Stephen Maynard & Associates    

Sabnum Dharamsi and Abdullah Maynard are experienced counsellors who founded and deliver the accredited Islamic Counselling Courses and manage this website. Sabnum was Chair of the Muslim Women's Helpline for 10 years and co-founded Qalb and Abdullah is founder and Chair of the Lateef Project. They have a practice based in Luton and are also able to offer skype. There is a fee for this service.

Dr Saleem Khan & The Mohsin Institute   


The service provided is a combination of religious / educational and Islamic counselling as well as Islamic counselling training working with a variety of issues spiritual emotional and practical. The work of the Mohsin Institute is based of the work of Dr Hakim Salim Khan and is derived from the teachings of 'tibb medicine.

Address: The Mohsin Institute,

Mr. M Salim

446 East Park Road


LE5 5HH.

Telephone: 0116 273 8614


Dr Rabia Malik & The Asian Arab Counselling Service The Malborough Family Service

Dr Rabia Malik is part of a specialist service The Asian Arab Counselling Service started 11 years ago in response to acknowledgment of low response from BME clients. (This is one of two services provided through Parkside PCT the other the Arabic counselling service being part of CAMHS.) Dr Malik had studied Islamic tibb in her doctorate and blended this knowledge with additional 'out of hours' training, her knowledge base as a family therapist and applied it to her work when working with Muslim clients.

Address Marlborough Family Service, 

38 Marlborough Place



Telephone: 020 7624 8605 


Almas Bhatti Independent Islamic Counsellor        

Almas Bhatti is a psychotherapist and counsellor with over 20 years of experience in the field of psychology. Having studied at Masters level, her training encompasses study of both western and eastern models,including islamic psychology.Having had experience of teaching Islamic counselling she works with students appropriately by not only working with personal issues but helping students to understand the concepts they are studying in relation to their own lives.She currently travels between South Africa and England,where she has private practices. She is able to work over distance by offering both face to face and through skype.



Maryam Mobin

My name is Maryam and I have been counselling women from all walks of life for the past 10 years at various counselling organisations. I have been working for the Muslim Helpline since 2000. I am a member of BACP and can be found on Find a Therapist Website. Maryam is a graduate of our first Islamic Counselling Course.


Contact her on 02089305167                                   (Women only)


The Lateef Project 


The Lateef Project is a telephone based Islamic counselling skills assessment referral service. The project is designed to help Muslims in the area with a variety of issues such as family problems, relationship difficulties, stress or bereavement and by working in conjunction with Mental health and related services the Lateef Project will provide supported referral to mental health and other services such as drugs services. The Lateef Project is non denominational and open to anyone in the Birmingham Muslim aged fourteen or above. Calls are taken Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays 10.30 am to 1.30 pm each day. 

The telephone numbers are:

0121 301 5392    

0121 301 5393

For more information visit:

Rukaya Rose

is an experienced practising counsellor, and an accredited member of the BACP.

After 11 years as a telephone counsellor with M.W.H.L. which gave a good grounding in the engagement of the client in the psychotherapeutic process, she qualified in therapeutic counselling and Islamic Counselling.


Over the past 10 years, she has been working within the NHS as a G.P. in house counsellor and now works between 3 very busy GPs in inner London. Clients present challenging material and cultural difference, within which she has developed understanding, self awareness and a belief in a holistic approach.  

Contact her on

Zaynah Plummer-Josephs: Birmingham
07773 223 223

Khudeja Bi: Birmingham
07451 085215

We provide counselling in a sincere and confidential environment where you will be made to feel at ease to talk of issues that may be troubling you and work towards healing.  
The goals and objectives of the Counselling we provide is to gain assistance and exploration through a talking therapy. By increasing one's self-awareness, you will  find that you are facilitated to help yourself in difficult situations. This will aid you to reach your greatest potential - by being a better example of your own self.

Islamic Social Services Association Wales  ISSA Wales


ISSA Wales aims is to help and support members of the community through the services we provide.

They provide a confidential and holistic service for the needs of the community.  Islamic Social Services Association Wales was established because the needs of the Muslim within the community were not met by mainstream services. The needs of the Muslim require a solution compatible with the Islamic principles.

ISSA Wales is a voluntary organisation that provides a number of support services to the community in Wales. Our framework is based on the teachings of Quran and Hadith and Islamic Spiritual Guidance.

Its Islamic counseling service offers the opportunity to identify things that are troubling or difficult. Counselling is designed to help self exploration and understanding. Our counselling service is fully commited to confidentiality and is sensitive to the issues being presented. Counselling can help with a range of issues, family, marriage, bereavement and other personal concerns. Our counsellors are trained in mainstream counselling and Islamic counselling. Both male and female counsellors are available.

62 Witchurch Rd
CF14 3LX

029 2034 5294

If you provide Islamic counselling please contact us, we would like to know about what you do and would like to be able to put your details or link on to the website.