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A bit about the website

This website is devoted to Islamic Counselling information for the UK and is run by Stephen Maynard & Associates Training and Consultancy.


Stephen Maynard & Associates have been providing Islamic Counselling training and one to one counselling in the UK since 1996. We have pioneered Islamic Counselling as a field of psychotherapy, including the development of the first accredited training programme in Islamic Counselling in the UK.


Stephen Maynard & Associates are currently developing the Institute of Islamic Counselling and Well - being, it is the intention that at an appropriate time the management of this site will be transferred to the Institute of Islamic Counselling and Well - being.    


 Islamic Counselling 

All counselling is employed to enable people to live resourcefully, to live effective lives. Most schools of psychology attempt to do this across psychological and social dimensions of human existence. Some include a physical dimension as well. Islamic Counselling is distinguished from other counselling methods by encompassing not only the physical, psychological and social, but also the mostly ignored spiritual dimension of a person.


Islamic Counselling offers the possibility of transformation and the space to reevaluate one's life. Its framework is based on key beliefs about the nature of the human being and the universe. For example, there are key points in life, such as the birth of a child, marriage, the death of a parent, loss, which are 'calls' to a more profound consciousness. The level of consciousness at which one's identity rests is who we are, and the proximity of that level to pure consciousness, or God, is marked by contentment, fulfillment, and an ability to navigate our lives through its challenges.


Islamic Counselling is spiritual, in that it is about meaning, self-knowledge and acknowledgement of a deep underlying truth that informs our lives. It is not about judging people or giving them advice on fiqh, but rather working with people to facilitate them in reaching their highest potential. 


There are a number of theoretic models of Islamic counselling that stem from The Quran and Sunnah. These models of therapeutic intervention differ from adaptations of contemporary counselling models such as CBT, Person Centred, or Psychodynamic counselling. This is because the approach is primarily Islamic originating from Quiran and Sunnah, and being based on the sciences of Tibb medicine, tessaouf or both. In this way Islamic counselling takes its understanding of the human condition from the deen. There are a number of such models of Islamic counselling, some of their techniques they may well share with contemporary approaches to counselling and psychotherapy. This website is devoted to work in the UK that is 'Islamic', based on the teachings of Islam and therapeutic designed to support the client in their process of living more effectively and resourcefully.       


The Islamic Counselling model developed by Stephen Maynard & Associates derives from Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and the Islamic Science of the Self. 


Nafsiyat - the Islamic Science of Self

Each counselling model is based on concepts of what it means to be a human being. From these concepts, ideas are derived about what mental health is and how to attain it. In Islamic Counselling, these concepts come from the Islamic Science of the Self (Nafsiyat), derived from Tassaouf, an aspect of which is the reparation of the heart. Within this framework mental health is considered to be a dynamically balanced state between the inner and outer of a person's being. This enables a person to act in a way appropriate to both the circumstances of a situation and its meaning. This state is the foundation required to achieve an integrated self which is a reflection of Tawhid - unity. Within this framework, presenting problems are therefore a means for development of the whole person. Rather than giving advice and empathy alone, what is required of counselling is to facilitate development of the person so they are enabled to heal themselves through self-reflection.

Who We Are


Stephen Maynard & Associates is a partnership whose core work includes training, consultancy and research within the fields of Health and Social Care, Personal Development  and Organisational Development. Our team includes experienced counsellors with expertise in a number therapeutic approaches.


As an independent training organisation we pioneered the Islamic Counselling model, developing and delivering the first accredited programme leading to a professional qualification of Islamic Counselling in the UK. All our qualifications are CPCAB accredited. Besides training other individuals in Islamic Counselling, we are involved in the development of counselling services for Muslim communities.